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    Ask for a budget online with no commitment! Request your budget online here. Your request will be assessed by our technical and sales department, who will contact you as soon as possible to offer you personalised advice.

  • Clients

    For the TEKTON team, each project is a challenge to work on. A challenge that arises from the inspiration of a team of professionals that works with passion, vocation and maximum dedication to surpass the expectations of their clients./p> To grow within the sector and progress towards business excellence, we are committed to innovative projects […]

  • Works made to measure

    In the field of industry, many companies require certain specific facilities, designed and built exclusively to meet their particular requirements, determined by sector, size, type of activity or geographical location of the building. These requirements need a company able to respond quickly and effectively to the most demanding standards as regards made-to-measure industrial construction. Our […]

  • Integral Works

    At TEKTON, we have the production capacity necessary to undertake every project integrally, so that our customers can place their trust in our company from start to finish. We budget exactly what each client needs and we take charge of every step and procedure that a project of this size involves, which means saving time […]

  • Construction and Integral Service

    At TEKTON, we have the know-how, the professional team and the technical resources necessary to offer our customers an integral service that goes from planning the building to construction, key in hand: Our services include: To meet our customers’ requirements as regards made-to-measure industrial construction, we have a construction system that lets us undertake works […]

  • System of side walls

    The side walls are made up of corrugated metal panels. The materials used in making the roof can be: Pre-lacquered sheet metal This is the final result of a long process in which, using rolls of galvanised sheet metal, they go through the following stages: The material is washed under pressure with an alkaline detergent […]

  • Roof System

    It consists of metal panels, translucent panels and thermal and acoustic insulation. The metal panels are the roof’s main component. The panels are shaped in a forming machine with sets of rollers in a continuous process, obtaining a special corrugation. The width of the corrugated panels is 1,000 mm. and their maximum length is 12 […]

  • Enclosures

    We offer different options as regards roof systems and side wall systems. In the production of enclosures, we use the most advanced technical resources and a system of joints that confers our structures greater durability and a longer useful life. Likewise, we apply special treatment that improves our systems’ resistance to external agents, ande better […]

  • Finish of Materials

    Welding and punching the structure All the works in welding the gantries (edging, webs, union plaques), as well as punching the elements that have to be joined in the assembly, are carried out in the factory by means of semiautomatic machinery. The assembly operations, therefore, are reduced to bolting the different components. This gives some […]

  • Primary Structure

    Rigid gantries These are the building’s main support. They are made from reinforced double-T girders and columns of variable section. The girder is coupled to the column by means of bolted joints. These joints give the gantry a rigidity capable of absorbing horizontal stress while helping to support vertical loads. When the gantry is not […]

  • Metal Structure

    The metal structures we develop at TEKTON have a series of specific characteristics that confer them better mechanical properties, greater resistance, easy to extend and simpler maintenance. By using top-quality materials, bolt joints, supported gantries, overlapping purlins and high-resistance bolts, we guarantee more durable construction solutions, with excellent functional and aesthetic properties.

  • Design & Construction of Structures

    TEKTON undertakes custom works, manufacturing unique elements and fully adapting them to the needs of each client. The construction system we use in TEKTON provides all the elements that will integrate our metal structures and enclosures. Our planning and strict control of each process allow us to deliver all of our projects on time, minimizing […]