For the TEKTON team, each project is a challenge to work on. A challenge that arises from the inspiration of a team of professionals that works with passion, vocation and maximum dedication to surpass the expectations of their clients./p>

To grow within the sector and progress towards business excellence, we are committed to innovative projects that we approach with a combination of quality, attention to aesthetic detail and functionality. However, we put the same enthusiasm and interest in works that are less complex from a technical point of view, because at TEKTON we take on every job knowing that every client’s needs are unique.

We understand our professional work as total commitment to the client. Accordingly, we respect contracts to the maximum, delivering all our projects properly and on time.

We work all over national territory, offering effective solutions to different companies and businesses. You can see some of our projects broken down by sectors:

  • Manufacturing and production

  • Transports, logistical platforms and warehousing

  • Tertiary and office

  • Real estate development

  • Food and beverages

  • Automobile