Design & Calculation

    The starting point of our daily work is our clients’ requirements, demands and expectations. On the basis of this, our technical department draws up a work plan to offer personalised works budgets, fully adapted to each specific case:

    • Firstly, we take care of the design and calculation of the structure, using state-of-the-art programmes and applying the Spanish Technical Building Code (C.T.E.) and the Eurocodes. In a completely automated way, we produce wholly automatic plans for production, assembly and engineering.

    • The team of professionals in our technical department is in charge of studying, to the millimetre, every detail relating to buildings, foundations, formwork, masonry, plumbing, electricity and PCI facilities, so that the construction adjusts completely to the existing requirements of the sector regulations.

    We take measurements of materials, structures, roof and facade enclosures, doors, windows and ventilation systems to make an estimate of costs, adjusted to clients’ needs.

    As specialists in industrial constructions, at TEKTON we design:

    • Structures with no size limit. We have extensive experience in designing and producing open gantries for major spans of 50 to 100 metres, assembled variable-section profiles with bolted joints.

    • We supply structures with all joints fully bolted ex-works to make it easier to assemble the industrial unit on-site up to the time of elevation and reducing assembly time.

    • Thermal and acoustic insulation systems adapted to each customer’s needs.

    • Finishes. Wide range of materials and features in facade and roof enclosures.
    • Accesories. Significant variety of meticulously studied accessories.