Human Team


At TEKTON, apart from our customers’ confidence, our main asset is the training of our team of professionals, who combine versatility, agility, specialisation and experience in implementing personalised works

Over 50 professionals, Architects, Engineers, Technicians, Welders, Fitters, Salespersons and Administrative Staff, carry out their work in the different centres that make up the company TEKTON. At our offices, located in Madrid, we have the Administrative and Sales departments and Technical Management. There, they receive all customers’ requirements and offer them a tailored advice. A team of Engineers, in coordination with Technical Management, designs a proposal to implement the work which, once approved, is passed on the the Structures Factory, where the staff, in coordination with the Factory Manager, develop the manufacture of the structure designed in the plans, and in the event that the project so requires, the Plant for Precast Concrete manufactures the building envelope.

Excellence in customer attention and proximity in dealing with clients arefactors that differentiate us. We study each case in a personalised way, evaluating every option and always seeking the best solution at an operative, architectural, economic and environmental level.

Ongoing training, motivation and state-of-the-art technical resources are the main tools we count on to offer top-level solutions in the construction of industrial units and buildings.