The Pathway to Excellence: UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015

  • AENOR_ISO9001

  • The implementation of an Integrated Quality Management System based on the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 lets companies offer products and services that fully meet their clients’ expectations and needs. Internally, it helps reduce costs, optimise production processes and improve continuously.

    On 23/07/2009, the certification organisation AENOR granted TEKTON the Quality Management Certificate with registration number ER-0849/2009; the scope of the Management System implemented in TEKTON includes the activities of OUT PROJECTS AND THE CONSTRUCTION OF INDUSTRIAL UNITS AND BUILDINGS..

    According to the quality criteria implemented in TEKTON, at each stage of a work’s execution, we perform a monitoring procedure, an inspection and a series of quality controls with predefined acceptance or rejection criteria. In short, we plan, we make, we check and we act to progress towards business excellence.

    At TEKTON, we offer the option for the contract to include penalty clauses for non-compliance with finalisation dates. We can can also take out Construction All Risks insurance during execution of the work.

    Considering our total commitment to quality, it is an essential requirement that all companies subcontracted by TEKTON and which carry out their professional work on site are entered in the Register of Accredited Companies, according to Act 32/2006 of 18 October, in force since 26 August 2008.

    We are committed to close collaboration between our engineering department and the on-site Works Management, to guarantee the quick, effective solution of incidents, as is expected of a professional, serious, competitive company.