Integral Works

At TEKTON, we have the production capacity necessary to undertake every project integrally, so that our customers can place their trust in our company from start to finish.

We budget exactly what each client needs and we take charge of every step and procedure that a project of this size involves, which means saving time and costs for customers, who don’t have to resort to different companies to contract a single project. We establish direct, fluid communication, without middlemen, greatly accelerating processes and decision-making.

We are specialists in designing and constructing industrial buildings, units, hangars, sports centres, silos, cement factories and metal gangways.

We also undertake such projects as:

  1. Services and works tailored to industry.
  2. Consultancy for architecture or engineering companies.
  3. Execution of works.
  4. Facility and activity projects.

We also manufacture metal structures and concrete enclosures, so we have specific departments and workshops with considerable experience.

At TEKTON, industrial manufacturing and the engineering of industrial buildings are differentiated lines of work that converge to achieve one single goal: offering technical, sustainable and economically viable solutions. To do so, our Technical Department works in full coordination with the on-site works management, seeking constant, transparent interaction to achieve the goals agreed with the customer, properly and on time.