Design & Construction of Structures


TEKTON undertakes custom works, manufacturing unique elements and fully adapting them to the needs of each client. The construction system we use in TEKTON provides all the elements that will integrate our metal structures and enclosures. Our planning and strict control of each process allow us to deliver all of our projects on time, minimizing possible deviations.

The structures that we develop in TEKTON have many advantages over other types of building systems. First, they make easier the longitudinal and lateral expansions that may arise regarding the initial project, minimizing the costs. Moreover, the bolted joints (not welded) improve the mechanical attributes. In addition, these structures allow to easily recover materials, save on foundations and ensure tighter deadlines. Aesthetically, this system ensures a better use of the actual height of the roof and, in regard to maintenance, allows painting to have a final cost well below the one that would exist in other types of constructions.

This way we follow the set mechano-bolted standards for the purpose of easing and makig faster the assembly, which leads up to significant cost savings and a precise budget, avoiding possible deviations of the work.


To a large extent, optimisation of manufacturing processes determines quality and effectiveness in assembling metal structures. At TEKTON, we know that excellence begins in the production stage. Accordingly, we invest in cutting-edge technology in the service of a highly qualified human team, allowing us to develop top-quality solutions, regardless of their technical difficulty, fully adapted to our customers’ requirements.

  • Precision:

    optimal operation of the production chain in our metal structures factories lets us ensure excellent production capacity. We use automated systems to throroughly check every piece and guarantee that of everything is controlled to the millimetre.

  • Control:

    strict supervision by the technical department during production stages is the key to achieving a meticulous finish and top quality. TEKTON’s specialized professionals take measurements, make checks in situ and produce the instructions for the parts breakdown on site.

  • Specialisation:

    Automation of production processes does not affect us when developing personalised technical solutions. We work with the versatility and flexibility required by simple jobs or works of great technical complexity, adapting to all requirements.


If automated processes are a key part of the production line, in the assembly stage we rely on an exclusive fully removable screw-fixed system that provides us with a number of advantages in construction, such as:

  1. Faster, safer and more functional assembly
  2. Architectural tidiness in constructions
  3. Maximum precision in intersections and joints
  4. Excellent protection from external agents, atmospheric conditions and cracking

Our technical resources, our human team’s work capacity and the experience accumulated over more than a decade of work let us deliver each project properly and on time, guarantee maximum quality in our assemblies and strictly comply with regulations in effect.

Ongoing Improvement

At TEKTON we provide an integral service that includes design, production, assembly and personalised technical advice.

We work in full coordination to build realities, structuring every action from the beginning of the work to the end with three goals:

  1. Increase safety in our works
  2. Improve preventive training for all personnel
  3. Minimise the situations of risk

Our sales team is in charge of solving and speeding up, transparently, effectively and quickly, all the steps and procedures necessary up to delivery of the building. So we always listen to our customers and support them.