Accesory Elements

  • Insulation

    It consists of a light layer of fibreglass, one of whose faces has a glazed covering that increases its resistance to traction.

    The insulation layer goes between the roof beams or side walls and the metal panels.

    The layer of fibreglass achieves excellent levels of thermal and acoustic insulation in the industrial unit. The fibreglass is self-extinguishing in the event of fire.

  • Gutters

    These are conduits of galvanised or pre-finished sheet metal with a very characteristic profile, exclusive to the system, due to there appearance.

    The gutters are assembled by applying a strip of sealing paste to the joints to waterproof them and and placing one overlapping the other, aligning the holes where the rivet-bolts will be located.

    The ends of the gutter are sealed and closed off with covers that have the same profile, achieving perfect adaptation.

    Additionally, adaptation and closure of the gutter with the end of the roof panels are made by means of a profile with the same undulation as the roof panel. Sealing paste is again used here to prevent the entry of humidity.

  • Downspouts

    These are made from sheet metal pre-finished in colour or PVC. The downspout is joined to the inside of the gutter by means of a flange that overlaps the gutter base.

  • Roof closure and finish

    At the ends of the roof where no gutters are located (joint of initial and final wall with roof) a series of sheet metal profiles are placed to guarantee waterproofing in that area and with the same shape as the side gutter.

    The profiles are sealed and adapted to the roof panels by means of plaques with the same undulation as the panels.