Secondary Structure

  • Roof purlins

    Correa de Techo

    These are Z profiles, except those of the eaves which are C-shaped. They are placed longitudinally over the beams of the gantries at a uniform distance and their purpose is join the gantries, distribute loads on the ceiling, while acting as support for roof elements.

  • Corner finish on roof

    Angulo de techo2

    These are located at the heads of the industrial units, in the end wall area. This finish is bolted to the ends of the roof purlins.

  • Side wall purlins

    Correa de Pared

    These are exclusively C or Z profiles placed on the external flanges of the gantry columns. They have a similar purpose as those of the roof. They support the side panels and they also act as support for doors and windows.

    The purlins, both on side walls and on the roof, project over each support or overlap the adjacent purlin, making them work as continuous purlins, greatly improving resistance to loads.

    Additionally, the deflection of a continuous purlin for an evenly distributed load is five times less than one formed in purlins supported by that same load.

  • Braces


    The structure is equipped with braces in some of the spans that make up the building.

    The braces are a series of tensioner rods arranged on the roof and side walls, forming diagonals whose main purpose is to absorb gusts of wind.

    The braces also have another goal which, though secondary, is very important especially during assembly operations, which is to align the gantries.