Ford. Talleres Gámez Sánchez


    Company that sells and repairs motor vehicles.

    Industrial unit of 2,800 m2, built in the year 2008, located in Fuenlabrada (Madrid), carried out using a metal structure of TEKTON-type, straight-section gantries, assembled with high-resistance bolts and with a separation between supports of 8.85 m., a width of 35 m., and a gradient of 10%.

    The main characteristic of this structure was that the client needed the exhibition facade to be curved, which was achieved by means of a complex system of semi-gantries, leaving the exhibition area curved and open.

    The roof was made using enclosure panels with interior insulation of pre-lacquered polyurethane foam, and the facades with flat architectural panels of pre-lacquered sheet metal on the exterior, inner core of polyurethane foam and galvanised pre-lacquered metal sheets on the interior.

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