Empresa dedicada a la logística y transporte marítimo.

    Industrial unit of 1,800 m2, built in the year 2004, located in Fuerteventura, made using a metal structure of TEKTON-type, variable-section gantries, assembled using high-resistance bolts and with a separation between supports of 8.00 m., a width of 30 m., and a gradient of 5%.

    The main characteristic of this structure was that the client needed to locate offices above the cargo docks without any pillars that would prevent the containers from being handled. The solution to this the execution of a 7-metre concrete slab with an overhangingn width.

    The roof was made using enclosure panels with interior insulation of pre-lacquered polyurethane foam.
    In turn, the facades were made using flat architectural panels of prelacquered sheet metal on the exterior, interior core of polyurethane foam and pre-lacquered galvanised sheet metal on the interior.

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