Quesos El Casar, S.L.


    Company dedicated to producing and marketing cheeses.

    Industrial unit of 2,000 m2, built in the year 2013, located in El Casar de Cáceres, made using a metal structure of TEKTON-type, straight-section gantries, assembled with high-resistance bolts and with a separation between supports of 8.00 m. With a width of 40 m., 50 m. long and a gradient of 5%.

    The main characteristic of this structure was that the whole building had to be open and the structure had to support a suspended ceiling of refrigeration panels able to withstand overloads of facilities and maintenance in excess of 1.50 KN/m2.

    Both the roof and the facades were made using enclosure panels with interior insulation of pre-lacquered polyurethane foam.