Rhenus Tetrans


    Company dedicated to transport and logistics.

    Industrial unit of 12,000 m2, built in the year 2008, located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, made suing a metal structure of TEKTON-type, variable-section gantries, assembled with high-resistance bolts and with a separation between supports of 11.00 m. With a width of 85 m., 15 m. upper apron height and a gradient of 7%.

    The main characteristic of this structure was that as a logistical building, the client needed the smallest number of pillars in the interior. The solution was to use gantries with 85 m. spans with.a central pillar.

    Both the roof and the facades were made using enclosure panels with interior insulation of pre-lacquered polyyurethane foam and with a special PVDF finish due to its proximity to the sea.

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