Construction and Integral Service

At TEKTON, we have the know-how, the professional team and the technical resources necessary to offer our customers an integral service that goes from planning the building to construction, key in hand:

Our services include:

    1. Conceiving and planning the Project
    2. Carrying out the final project
    3. Works licences
    4. Foundations and civil engineering

    1. Supply and assembly of the industrial unit
    2. Mechanical and electric facilities
    3. After-sales service and maintenance
    4. Location, purchase of the land and financing agreements (optional)

To meet our customers’ requirements as regards made-to-measure industrial construction, we have a construction system that lets us undertake works integrally, guaranteeing minimum costs and committing ourselves to delivery terms. We have a workshop for manufacturing and assembling metal structures with over 30 years’ experience, and another specialised in concrete enclosures, set up in the year 2008. In the structures workshop, equipped with the most innovative technology at the service of a highly qualified team, we are developing our revolutionary construction system that lets us guarantee the best advantages in every industrial solution we develop.

Additionally, at our precast concrete plant, innovation plays an essential role. There, our professionals manufacture enclosures in all kinds of concrete panels for industrial units, using the most advanced technical resources. So we control quality from the outset of the process, guaranteeing the best results.