Euroquimica, S.A.


    Company that produces detergents.

    Industrial unit of 6,500 m2, built in the year 2011, located in Illescas (Toledo), constructed using a metal structure of TEKTON-type straight-section gantries, assembled with high-resistance bolts and with a separation between supports of 10.00 m., a width of 60 m., and a gradient of 5%.

    The main feature of this structure was that, starting from an old industrial unit made up of 3 20-metre trusses, reaching 60 m., and 5 m. of free height, the new structure was assembled over this with a double pitch, 30 m. each, and the pillars were extended to reach a free height of 10 m., without the factory stopping production.

    Both the roof and the facades of this building were made using enclosure panels with interior insulation of pre-lacquered polyurethan foam.

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